Meet the owner!

Located at 37 Amherst Road (Rt. 9) in Belchertown, Massachusetts, Shady Glen Boarding Kennel has been owned and operated by Cindy & Tom Meaux and family since 1989.  We treat your pet(s) as if they are our own and truly believe that pets are a vital part of our lives. 

I have had the privilege of caring for four-legged family members for 30 years.  I have always loved animals, and when I was researching a home-based business to be home with my children, I thought owning a kennel would be perfect. 

I strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun place for pets to be while their family members are away.  The dog kennels are indoor/outdoor with covered runs and the cats have separate, roomy cages with multiple shelves for lounging.  They also enjoy heat in the winter and central air in the summer.  Dogs can run in the supervised play area or go for a walk around the property.  The play time is individualized, and I do not put pets together who don't know each other, unless owners agree I can introduce them.

Our goal is to develop a relationship with our customers and their pets so that all are comfortable and carefree when they can't be together.  We encourage pet owners to see where their pet's room is, and allow them to set it up with their belongings.  We socialize with your pets throughout the day, checking to be sure they are healthy and happy.  As we check each pet and his or her area, we can spot potential problems (for instance, blood in the urine or stool) that the owner may not have seen.  If a veterinarian is required, we will contact the owner and the pet's own doctor, if possible.  If their vet is not available or is not local, we have wonderful veterinarians that we use.

Why Shady Glen?

  • a SAFE and COMFORTABLE environment for your pets

  • ROOMY and CLEAN dog kennels & cat enclosures

  • a SECURE and FULLY FENCED-IN property

  • a 5'x12' covered run attached to each 5'x5' dog kennel

  • Updated/Modern facility with Central Air & Heat

  • Music 24 hrs/day

  • Individualized PLAYTIME and WALKS

  • VIDEO SURVEILLANCE inside and out

  • Owners live on the premises

  • BACK-UP GENERATOR in case of power loss

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