Boarding Information & Rates

For Dogs...

Shady Glen Boarding Kennel has 20 ROOMY 5' x 5' (floor to ceiling) kennels each equipped with 5' x 12' covered runs.  On nice days, even if it is lightly raining, dogs can go in and out as they please!   If your dog would prefer to "do their business" on grass, we can walk them as many times a day as you would like.  We also have a secure play yard inside the surrounding stockade fence, where your dog(s) can enjoy individualized play.  Please see rates below.

We provide Purina dry food and milkbones, but you can certainly bring your pet's own food and special snacks.  If your dog is on a special diet, we will be sure to give him or her their own food and snacks.  We give them breakfast and dinner, but will also give give them lunch, if they are young or have special needs.

You are welcome to bring your pet's own food, treats, bedding and toys!  An old tee-shirt worn by you the day before may comfort a first-time or nervous boarder.

                                                                                                                          We require proof of rabies, distemper, and the bordetella vaccines, unless specified by your vet.

                                                                                                                           One dog in a kennel  -  $33/Day      2 dogs together from same family  -  $55/Day

                                                                                                                            Walks  -  $3. for 10 minutes        Individualized Playtime - $5. per dog for 20 min.

                                                                                                                            Administering medications and dogs with special needs may incur an extra fee.


Our feline friends enjoy the safety and protection of a secure cage when they are in unfamiliar territory.  We offer ROOMY enclosures with room to stretch, along with fresh food, water, and litter

We offer Purina Dry food & treats but you may supply your cat's favorite food and treats.  You may bring toys, a small bed or mat from home.

We do require proof of rabies and distemper.

1 Cat in Kennel... $20/Day     2 Cats from same family together... $30/Day.  Medications and special needs may incur an extra fee.  Playtime-$5.




For Cats...